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23 November 2020
Clean Energy Investment Forum

Clean Energy Investment Forum

EEP Africa, in cooperation with GET.invest is hosting a virtual Clean Energy Investment Forum on 23 November 2020 to bring global and regional investors together with leading clean energy companies operating in Southern and East Africa.

This invitation-only event is a unique opportunity for investors to connect with a pre-screened pipeline of local and international clean energy businesses from the EEP Africa and GET.invest portfolios. If you are one of the invited clean energy companies, this is an exciting occasion to get in touch with investors that can potentially meet your investment need. Both investors and clean energy companies will be able to arrange up to five matchmaking meetings. Information about the invited companies and registered investors is available in the ‘participant’ section.

Do you want to meet some of the most active and innovative companies and dedicated investors in the clean energy space in Africa?

    Participants of past EEP Africa investor forums have said: 

    very focused event with high probability of finding the right projects

     “excellent format to achieve great conversations in just a few hours

    such an efficient way to feed your pipeline

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    Participants 77
    Meetings 79
    Kenya 22
    South Africa 12
    United Kingdom 8
    Germany 7
    Finland 6
    France 5
    Belgium 4
    Netherlands 4
    Zambia 4
    Tanzania, United Republic Of 3
    Switzerland 3
    Namibia 2
    Mauritius 2
    Ghana 2
    Swaziland 2
    Zimbabwe 2
    Italy 1
    Spain 1
    United Arab Emirates 1
    Uganda 1
    United States 1
    Norway 1
    Austria 1
    Total 95